Client Stories

Emily Nuzzo Events was a critical component to our wedding being absolutely perfect. When I hired Emily, I really had no idea how important this decision would end up being. After booking Emily, she helped us seamlessly coordinate 12 incredible vendors. Not only that, but I was living in New York and she was doing this virtually as my eyes on the ground in Chicago. The vendors she helped us select put me in the room on my wedding day and got both me and my husband so excited. She did this in the matter of a few months with helpful check in calls all along the way. Vendors were picked, Save The Dates were out the door, and we were ready to kick our feet up and relax. Then March 2020 hit. Planning a wedding in a pandemic is devastating. Your heart is absolutely set on plans and then it just changes. Emily wasted no time. She reviewed contracts, coordinated with vendors, and created options. She controlled a situation that really had no control. From the day we decided to postpone to the day we had a new set of plans and all vendors coordinated and available was a matter of a week. It truly was magic. Emily was a voice of reason, a comforting shoulder to cry on (virtually of course), and always had a path even when I couldn't see it at first. As we both watched the news and guidelines closely, the wedding morphed at least 30 more times but we always had a plan. The day before our wedding, Chicago opened up to full capacity and Emily was right there bringing together our final version which ended up being the most perfect version of the wedding. It felt like an explosion of love between me and my husband but also between us and our guests! It was just so good to be able to hug each other and be together again! The day of the wedding was absolutely seamless. If we had difficult conversations to be had, Emily had them. If it rained (and it did) Emily coordinated a solution without me having to get involved. If I had questions - the answers were always "it's already been done!" You want that on your wedding day!! You want an event planner who is organized and creative and sharp. But you also want an event planner who is kind, calm, and feels like your best friend. Emily is all of those things and so much more!